The Monopoly City Game – A Review of the Board Game Hit For Christmas

The Monopoly City board game has been causing a stir since its release date, and the game is looking set to be one of the most wanted board games this Christmas, but does it live up to the hype, and is it worthy of the Monopoly name?

The Monopoly City edition sees the famous property game take a new turn, and boasts a new way of playing the game that many seasoned players will be thrilled with, and new players will find easy to learn. Following on from the hugely successful Monopoly Here And Now edition, the Monopoly City game is a bold new chapter in the evolution of the title.

Now, players are able to build a city as they move around the board and play the game, and as the game progresses, 3D buildings begin to form a whole new city right before their eyes. While this new approach caused some controversy amongst some of the die-hard fans of the old school method of playing the game, it is a gamble that has paid off for manufacturers Hasbro.

The set includes 80 3D buildings to use and arrange while playing the game, along with the board and all of the other things you would associate with the famous Monopoly game. Game play is suitable for between 2 and six players, meaning it would make a great family talking point at Christmas time.

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